Bourgeois Au Pair Agency


 We specialize in the following types of childcare:

  • Nanny

  • Housekeeper/Nanny

  • Maternity Nurse

  • Night Nanny

  • Au Pair

  • Parents’ help

We maintain a high number of professional childcare's with varying levels of skills, qualifications, and expertise to provide professional childcare services throughout the UK. With us, you know that your child is in safe hands. For extra peace of mind and security, our nannies are security checked, reference checked, and interviewed.

A Nanny is responsible for feeding, washing, clothing, educating and stimulating children. The Nanny should also plan activities that enhance learning and development. Nannies are not responsible for general housework or chores, although they should clear up after the children and themselves.

An average day for a nanny is 8am to 6pm, although many nannies do work a 12-hour day. Nannies can be provided on a live in or out basis, temporary or permanent.

Nannies typically cost from £200 a week

Mostly Au Pairs are are non-native English speaking candidates coming to the UK to learn the language whilst living with a British family and providing assistance with family life.

They help look after children and do light housework in exchange for a comfortable room , pocket money, food, drink and have the chance to learn English and to be involved in the host families social life.

An Au Pair will need guidance on arrival and It may take them several weeks to adapt and learn how you want things done...

Au Pairs typically cost from £100 a week

We both nannies & Au Pair's if your request is urgent we can get the nanny to you in a few days

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